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 Dr. K. Adinarayana

Dr. K. Adinarayana

M.Sc., Ph.D., FICCP
List of Books written by Dr. K. Adinarayana
Pharmaceutical Biotechnoloy, 1/e  by  Dr. K. Adinarayana

Pharmaceutical Biotechnoloy

Dr. K. Adinarayana , Dr. V. Sreenivasulu & Dr. K.N. Jayaveera
S. Chand Publishing
9788121942478 352 pages Paperback 2013
This book Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is based entirely on modern biotechnological techniques as to date and encompasses a wider range of altogether newer medical compounds, e.g. antibiotics, vaccines and monoclonal antibodies that may now be produced commercially using well-defined, optimized, and improved fermentative methodologies. In fact, genetic engineering has brought in a sea change by ......

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