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Girija Kumar

Girija Kumar

Girja Kumar is Ex-Librarian, Jawaharlal Nehru University; and Ex-President, Indian Association of Academic Librarians. He is the author of Politics, International Relations and Law; Scope, Methodology and Classification (1965) and has co-authored Bibliography Suchikaran Ke Sidhant, Granth Vigyan and Library Development In India.
List of Books written by Girija Kumar
Theory of Cataloguing, 5/e  by Girija Kumar

Theory of Cataloguing

GirijaKumar & KrishanKumar
Vikas Publishing
9780706998160 396 pages Paperback 1986
"In this edition detailed information on Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (Edition 2) has been added for description and access points, giving suitable examples and AACR2 as appeared in 1978 incorporating the International standards. The chapter on “Comparative Study of AACR and CCC” has also revised on the lines of new rules of this new code. Besides these, POPSI, PRECIS and ISBD and chapter on ......

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