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K Sampath

K Sampath

K Sampath, M. Pharm is among a select few, who have experience in both- industry and academics. During his 26 years in the pharmaceutical industry K. Sampath gained experience in all finds of pharmacy production activities. Due to this experience, his teaching methodology is application oriented. His aim in taking up teaching 8 years back was to guide and shape the students to become good and effective pharmacists.
List of Books written by K Sampath
Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy, 3/e  by K Sampath

Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy

Vikas Publishing
9788125904854 212 pages Paperback 1997
This book covers the complete course content of the paper ‘Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy’ prescribed by the pharmacy Council of India. It includes both Theory and Practicals. The Practicals section has been presented in detail and with clarity. It covers not only the syllabus, but is designed to help the teachers guide the students for their practical exams. Specimen Forms, Labels and ......

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