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Nicola Phoenix

Nicola Phoenix

Nicola Phoenix, MSc, BSc, CP.AMT, DipFryog, runs a successful practise as The Spiritual Psychologist in London. Influenced by the inspiring work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Carl Jung, Paramahamsa Yogananda and Swami Rama, she is also a yoga teacher, a radio-show host, and a writer.
List of Books written by Nicola Phoenix
Reclaiming Happiness: 
8 Strategies For An Authentic Life And Greater Peace, 1/e  by Nicola Phoenix

Reclaiming Happiness

Nicola Phoenix
Vikas Publishing
9789325975187 128 pages Paperback 2014
Reclaiming Happiness presents the eight most common misunderstandings about the body and spirit—such as egoism, fear, and attachment—that undermine our personal growth. By asking subtle, psychological questions, Nicola guides you with gentleness and kindness to divert your self and your life away from these behaviours towards happiness and harmony. Through Nicola's years of experience as a ......

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