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WOW Science - Physics, 1/e

Dr Bryson Gore

ISBN : 9788121933971
Pages : 31
Binding : Paperback
Language : English
Imprint : S. Chand Publishing
Trim size : 8.5''X11'' inches
Weight : 0.25kg
© year : 2010
Series : Wow Science
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•In wow science : Physics, learn more about the science of matter and energy, and how observation and experimentation have enabled us to discover facts about the speed of light, the size of atoms &much more..

•Contents:When you walk to the west the earth spins faster | You weigh less when the moon is overhead | Light travels a million times faster than sound | There are only six colors in the rainbow | Mirrors don't reverse left and right | A hair is wider than a million atoms | Iron will become magnetic if it is stuck by lighting | A car uses about half its fuel to overcome wind resistance | when glass  breaks, the cracks move at 1.5 km per second | Diamonds are the hardest objects in the world | Ice skaters skate on water | Nothing can be colder than | Glossary, biography & key dates| Index

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