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A Textbook of Organic Chemistry, 4/e

A Textbook of Organic Chemistry, 4/e

K S Tewari & N K Vishnoi

ISBN : 9789385879128
Pages : 1430
Binding : Paperback
Language : English
Imprint : Vikas Publishing
Trim size : 6.25" X 9.5" inches
Weight : 1.00kg
© year : 2017
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• A new chapter 'Energy in Biosystems' explores the fundamentals of biochemical reactions involved in storage as well as continuous usage of energy in biosystems. 
• Structural theories like VB and MO, hybridization and orbital pictures of resonance, and hyperconjugation.
• Woodward-Fieser rules for calculating λmax, and Norrisch type I and II reactions of special photochemical C-C cleavage in the chapter on 'Electromagnetic Spectrum'. 
• Polanyi-Hammond postulates and Curtin-Hammett principle, along with several new mechanisms, e.g., Favorskii, Baeyer-Villiger, and Birch, in Chapter 5.
• McMurry, Wittig, Stobbe, Darzen in Chapter 19.
• Study of antibiotics, antacids and antihistamines in the chapter on 'Chemotherapy'. 
• Biodegradable and conducting plastics in the chapter on 'Synthetic Polymers and Plastics'. 
• Benefits of 'Green Chemistry'—the latest trend for sustainable chemistry as Appendix II.

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A Textbook of Organic Chemistry, 4/e  by K S Tewari

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