Elementary Statistics, 17/e

Elementary Statistics, 17/e

Author : H C Saxena

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  • ISBN : 9788121909259
  • Pages : 423
  • Binding : Perfect
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S. Chand Publishing
  • © year : 1962
  • Size : 6.75''X9.5''

Price : 199.00 159.20

With Miscellaneous Solved Examples

This book is hab been throughly revised and many topics including Boole's inequality, objective type questions have been added.

Chapter-1: Frequency Distributions And Measures Of Central Tendency || Chapter-2: Measures Of Dispersion, Moments, Skewness And Kurtosis || Chapter-3: Probability || Chapter-4: Probability Distributions Mathematical Expectations, Etc. || Chapter-5: Theoretical Discrete Distributions || Chapter-6: Continuous Probability Distributions And Normal Distribution || Chapter-7: Methods Of Least Squares And Curve Fitting || Chapter-8: Correlation And Regression || Chapter-9: Sampling Techniques || Chapter-10: Sampling And Tests Of Significance || Chapter-11: Association Of Attributes And Tests Of Significance Based On Chi-Square || Chapter-12: Analysis Of Variance || Chapter-13: Finite Differences And Interpolation || Chapter-14: Index Numbers || Chapter-15: Analysis Of Time Series || Chapter-16: Vital Statistics || Chapter-17: Statistical Quality Control || Log Tables || Index

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