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Computer Applications (Code 165)

Computer Applications (Code 165)

The series COMPUTER APPLICATIONS (Book 9 ) has been designed to assist the students in achieving the learning outcomes of the latest curriculum laid down by the CBSE in March, 2018

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  1. Based on the new syllabus of Computer Applications (Code No. 165) by CBSE, 2018 
  2. Precise content and language makes the book easy to comprehend
  3. Multicolour printing makes the book look more realistic and appealing for the student
  4. Engaging and informative Lab Exercises in the books are based on real life examples which furthermore integrate other subjects of the curriculum 
  5. The methodical content of the book motivates students and arouse their interest towards Information Technology 
  6. Each chapter in the book has an introduction, a recap section, learning outcomes and links of the websites for reference
  7. Makes appropriate use of snapshots to present concepts in a simple and child friendly manner
Computer Applications (Code 165) by Sharad Tiwari, Deepak Bhargava & Darshna Rathore

Computer Applications (Code 165) Sharad Tiwari, Deepak Bhargava & Darshna Rathore



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