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New Self-Learning English Course with Activities

New Self-Learning English Course with Activities

New Self-Learning English Course with Activities is the revised and upgraded edition of the series, based on insightful user feedback. A series of ten textbooks for Nursery to Class 8, this new edition aims to fulfil the need for developing interactive and communicative skills of the learners from an early age.

Suggested for

Across All Boards

  1. Reading Comprehension New passages and poems with attractive, child-friendly illustrations to foster reading skills and show the use of grammar in context
  2. Grammar Carefully graded grammar within each book and across levels to acquaint the learners with the basics of grammatical concepts
  3. Vocabulary Exercises to introduce learners to new words and terms while building upon their existing active vocabulary 
  4. Pronunciation New section on pronunciation helps learners speak English correctly with the right accent and pronunciation. The learners are also introduced to the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) and RP (Received Pronunciation).
  5. Writing A variety of carefully structured writing exercises with worked out samples and scaffolding to help learners write independently in different formats, and develop their functional and creative writing skills
  6. Listening and Speaking Tasks to develop careful listening for varied purposes, build oral competence and enhance auditory processing
  7. Test Papers Two test papers in each textbook to assess and evaluate learners' understanding of what has been taught 
  8. Each textbook is accompanied by a Teacher's Manual, with answers to the exercises, and additional worksheets.

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