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New Mathematics Today

New Mathematics Today

New Mathematics Today, a thoroughly revised series for KG to Class 8, has been designed as per the requirements of the latest curriculum. The content of this series is designed to reach all learners in the classroom irrespective of their skill levels or learning capabilities.

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  1. These books follow strictly, the new syllabus.
  2. Each chapter begins with a Warm Up or motivating paragraph or story.
  3.  All the mathematical concepts have been presented in a very simple and lucid form.
  4.  To facilitate easy and better understanding, each unit is divided into a number of subunits with short and separate practice exercises on each subunit.
  5. Each chapter contains Maths Lab Activities, Fun Activities, Worksheets and Projects to ensure active participation of the learner.
  6. Maths Alert! warns against likely mistakes and misconceptions.
  7.  Mental Maths exercises help the students acquire speed and sharpen their intellect.
  8.  Remember and Maths Facts to recapitulate important points learnt in the chapter.
  9. Revision Exercises help in evaluating the assimilation of concepts learnt in the chapter. 10. Two Model Test Papers help in evaluation and self-assessment.
  10. The problems given in the books avoid tedious calculations and help in strengthening the understanding of basic principles, honing the faculties of thinking and reasoning.
New Mathematics Today Introductory by  O P Malhotra,  S. K. Gupta &  Anubhuti Gangal

New Mathematics Today Introductory O P Malhotra, S. K. Gupta & Anubhuti Gangal



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