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S Chand’s Smart Maths

S Chand’s Smart Maths

S Chand’s Smart Maths is a carefully graded Mathematics series of 9 books for the children of KG to Class 8. The series adheres to the National Curriculum Framework and the books have been designed in accordance with the latest guidelines laid down by the NCERT.

Suggested for


  1. What Learners Will Achieve/Learning Outcomes at the beginning of each chapter clearly define the goals of study.
  2. Warm-up is given for quick and easy recapitulation.
  3. Watch Your Step! section warns against likely mistakes and misconceptions.
  4. Let Us Do within the text are exploratory in nature to help the learner to draw conclusions on her own or sometimes to verify the concepts with hands on practice.
  5. Skill Check/Practice section is interspersed within the text for self-testing.
  6. Objective Moves ensure enough quick practice opportunity for the learner as per the CBSE guidelines.
  7. Smart Time to engage children in mathematical discussion and activities to establish a learning environment of fun and enjoyment.
  8. Maths Art providing good opportunities to use learner's creativity to reveal connection between maths and art.
  9. Projects help the children to improve the planning and critical thinking ability.
  10. Let Us Assess consists a mix bag of objective- and subjective-type questions for revision.
Smart Maths Introductory by Sheela Khandelwal

Smart Maths Introductory Sheela Khandelwal



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