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Awareness Social Sciences

Awareness Social Sciences

The series, Awareness Social Sciences for classes VI, VII and VIII, is based on the syllabus as specified by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) for the latest sessions.

The syllabus has tried to link the academic curriculum with real life and, thus, dwelled on connecting the students’ understanding with the real world around them.

Accordingly, this series of books has incorporated real life examples, case studies, story lines and narratives which could be immensely helpful in assimilation and to inculcate interests among the students significantly.

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Each book has three sections as follows: 
  1. Our Pasts. This section covers historical developments which have brought us from the early life of early human settlements to the present state of life in India. 
  2. Earth Environment and Resources. This section is focused on understanding the physical forms of earth and human habitat, the environment, as well as resources and development in accordance with the syllabi stipulated for different classes.
  3. Social and Political Life. This section deals with the society, governance and administration. It aims to develop the understanding of current affairs and the news of happenings which every student is subjected to by virtue of the easy availability of various forms of media. 
  4. The text has been exemplified with narratives, incidents, pictures, maps, sketches so as to help the young minds to understand the various aspects in a concretized manner and also reduce the need for rote learning. 
  5. The exercises and evaluating patterns given out in the book are in total consonance with the guidelines laid by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). 
  6. Test Papers for Assessments in each unit have been given after the chapters distinctively. Term-wise Assessments including the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are provided for the additional support to the aspirants. The books not only prepare the students for the pattern of examinations which they are likely to come across in higher classes, but also facilitates teachers in conduct of classes and framing the test papers.
Awareness Social Sciences For Class-6 by  Suman Gupta

Awareness Social Sciences For Class-6 Suman Gupta



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