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Life With Values

Life With Values

Life with Values, a series on Value Education for classes 1 to 8 that adheres to the Curriculum on Education for Peace prescribed in the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). The series aims at augmenting capabilities, attitudes and skills that would endure throughout the learner’s lifetime by regulating and guiding their behaviour and actions on a day-to-day basis.


Suggested for

Across All Boards

1.Warm Up exercise to introduce the topic with an interesting task or a picture prompt.

2.Age-appropriate text from a wide range including stories from history, legend, literature and real-life events.

3.Think and Express section allows learners to internalize the values introduced and express their thoughts on the topic discussed.

4.Think and Discuss connects to the value studied in the chapter and encourages learners to externalise their thoughts on a given situation.

5. Think and Reflect highlights the core value discussed and the main takeaway for learners to imbue.

6. Let's Answer exercises gauge learner's grasp of the topic, help to reinforce learning and also aid in recapitulation.

7. Let's Do activities reinforce the value discussed and engage the learners to work as an individual, as a group or as a whole class.

8. Yes I Can and I Will propose resolutions to do better in keeping with the value and topic discussed.

9.My Personal Score Card allows the learners to do a self-assessment at the end of the chapter.

10. Interpretation of Score encourages the learners to improve their habits and helps in self-realisation in an inspirational way.

11. My Personal Change Record is a documentation of the lesson learned to be prepared by the learners at the end of every chapter.

12. Note to Parents advocates inclusiveness of parents as values encompass every facet of our thoughts and actions. It envisages the proactive participation of parents in the moral growth of their children.

13. Tipping Point is an important takeaway for the learners.

Life With Values Class 1 by Virender Kapoor

Life With Values Class 1 Virender Kapoor



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