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Knowledge Quest

Knowledge Quest

Knowledge Quest, a general knowledge series for Classes 1-8, is thoroughly researched and intuitively curated to deliver to students not just questions and answers but also insights and ideas on how to process information into knowledge. 

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 1.Themes such as Nature, Literature, Sports, History, India, World and Mixed bag, which cross over from school curriculum into the real world, thus bringing the subjects alive.

2. Pertinent, contemporary themes: work-based learning (Occupations), shared global legacies (Our Heritage), citizens' responsibilities (Social Awareness).

3. Content, concepts are well-graded and cater to the understanding of students' awareness levels and linguistic skills.

4. Conversational writing style, which appears playful due to its inherent wordplay but is scientifically and intuitively graded to the comfort zone of each age group.

5. Creative and interactive formats, such as crossword, acrostic, word maze, anagram, map activity, and multiple choice questions, to encourage students to think out of the box.

6. Pop-up information nuggets to sharpen students' learning curves and set them thinking.

7. Crisp, attractive infographics to illuminate India's armed forces.

8. Special pages on Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Including Paralympics.

Knowledge Quest Class 1 by Adittya Nath Mubayi & Mudita Chauhan- Mubayi

Knowledge Quest Class 1 Adittya Nath Mubayi & Mudita Chauhan- Mubayi



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