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It's All About Science

It's All About Science

It's All About Science is a series of science books for the ICSE schools following the latest CISCE curriculum. For classes 1 to 5, there is one book for each class. In classes 6 to 8, each class has 3 books - Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The content has been carefully designed to develop different scientific skills and written in a student-friendly language. It also includes effective teaching tools like pictures, illustrations, charts, tables, etc.

Suggested for


1. Key Concepts: Learning outcomes of the chapter.
2. Checkpoint: In-text exercises for evaluation.
3. Did you know: Interesting topic-related facts. 
4. Keywords: Important words with definitions. 
5. Science Guru: Eminent scientists. 
6. Summary: Key points of the chapter. 
7. Exercises: Includes variety of questions. 
8. Fun to do: Subject-linked activities/projects. 
9. Numericals: Solved numericals for Physics and Chemistry. 
10. Test papers: 2 test papers given in each book.
It's All About Science Class 1 by  Mukul Sahgal

It's All About Science Class 1 Mukul Sahgal



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