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S. Chand’s  Social Sciences

S. Chand’s Social Sciences

S. Chand's Social Sciences for class VI, VII and VIII is based on the syllabus framework outlined by NCERT.

Suggested for


  1. Our Past: This will help the students in understanding the specific nature of historical studies.
  2. The Earth-Our Habitat: Covers the elements of 'physical geography' and a brief description of India's physiographic divisions with focus on their complementary roles.
  3. Social and Political Life: The book also introduces the students to various aspects of social and political life. An attempt has been made to provide an overview through which the students can learn the basics of our democratic functioning.
  4. The text has been enriched with multicoloured illustrations, photographs, maps and examples from day-to-day life to make the study an exhilarating experience.
S. Chand’s  Social Sciences for Class-6 by J C Aggarwal &  N.K. Chowdhry

S. Chand’s Social Sciences for Class-6 J C Aggarwal & N.K. Chowdhry



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