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Financial Management, 11/e

Financial Management, 11/e

I M Pandey

ISBN : 9789325982291
Pages : 946
Binding : Paperback
Language : English
Imprint : Vikas Publishing
Trim size : 8.5" x 11" inches
Weight : 1.00kg
© year : 2015
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1. Excel applications: Proficiency with spreadsheets and Excel is a great advantage to financial analysts and managers and a necessity for all the postgraduate students of management, commerce and accounting courses. With this in mind, at appropriate places, Excel Applications have been created showing how spreadsheets with the help of Excel could be used to solve finance problems and take decisions. These have also been identified in the Contents.
2. Web links for financial data: Students must know how to access financial data and information on the Internet. With this in mind, a list of useful web links has been created and put in the bundled CD to help readers retrieve useful financial information.
3. Illustrative problems: Finance decisions involve solving problems using theoretical concepts. The book contains solved illustrations showing readers how concepts could be used to solve problems and take decisions.
4. Real-life examples: The book contains a large number of real-life cases and examples to illustrate the practical applications of finance theories and concepts.
5. Cases: Most chapters include mini cases that reflect the applications of the conceptual material in the chapters.  
6. Key concepts: For the benefit of readers, the key concepts of each chapter have been listed at the end of the chapter.
7. Practical project: Most chapters have a ';Practical Project' each, where students are helped to apply their knowledge to real company situations

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