Bringing people and knowledge together is our mission.

The means of education have changed over the years; the end has remained the same - Empowered minds, which can evolve, sustain, empower and fulfil the ever changing needs of society.

The group is driven by the vision and mission of being “a knowledge corporation” and move forward in the publishing domain both print & digital. Group is racing ahead with a mission of pioneering innovative publications in schools segment, higher education, management, engineering and vocational education.

Group aims at nurturing people at all levels by facilitating their growth and needs as it thoroughly believes that people are the greatest strength to any organisation. It also aims at being transparent in its vision, objectives, working and looks forward to honesty, integrity and commitment. Expects and trains its people to take ownership of responsibilities entrusted. This applies to professional commitments, promoting the culture of the organisation and achieving organizational goals.

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