If you’re going to single out the most important job in our society, it has to be teaching.

Teachers are key to creating the future of a nation. They inspire children to think scientifically, mathematically, critically, and creatively. Teacher confidence has been proven to impact children’s outcomes in every subject that they study.

Sharing best classroom practices and pedagogies helps teachers to learn new things, to keep themselves updated, and to try proven teaching methods.

At S Chand we endeavour to support teachers in their continuous professional development through webinars, workshops, panel discussions, econvos, etc. Our sessions give school teachers the professional development, support and materials they need to teach with confidence. And to make it fun!

S Chand is proud to be championing this initiative.

Upcoming Events

Toy-Based Pedagogy

17th December, 2022 04:00 PM

The Speaker, Mr. Kuldeep Chauhan, will tell the te...

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