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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

In the context of the NEP 2020, Computer Science education must undergo a paradigm shift where students are introduced to the newer concepts in the field such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Data Science, Computer Vision, and Neural Networks. This book provides students with an insight into Artificial Intelligence. The book covers the various domains of Artificial Intelligence and its vast application areas. After reading this book, the students will be able to identify and appreciate Artificial Intelligence and describe its applications in daily life. Students will also be able to relate, apply, and reflect on the Human-Machine Interactions as well as gain knowledge of the skills required for the opportunities in the future.

  • Covers all topics of the CBSE syllabus in detail. 
  • Content written in an easy-to-understand language with examples closely related to daily life
  • Games to engage students with interactive learning 
  • Experiments to immerse the learners in the domain and get a hands-on experience 
  • Activities which will be carried out under the guidance of the teacher to enhance the learning
  • MCQs, fill in the blanks, and short answer questions to test the knowledge at the end of each chapter

  • CBSE

Artificial Intelligence Class 8

Dr. Sandeep Saini
  • 240.00

Artificial Intelligence Class 9

Dr. Sandeep Saini
  • 510.00

Artificial Intelligence Class 10

Dr. Sandeep Saini
  • 550.00
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