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Informatics Practices (for Classes XI & XII)

Informatics Practices (for Classes XI & XII)

Informatics Practices is a series of two books for Classes 11 to 12, conforming to the latest CBSE syllabus of the Subject Code 065. These books are written in easy-to-understand language to generate interest in students to explore the subject further. These books enhance understanding of the subject over and above tools and techniques in order to solve real-life problems. As per the guidelines of the CBSE this series imparts ICT instructions to promote critical thinking, collaborative learning and multi-tasking skills in students.

1. Simple and direct approach
2. A large number of screenshots and pictures
3. Numerous solved programs
4. Ample review questions and assignments to analyse the learning outcome of the subject matter by the students
5. Solutions to all the review questions and assignments are also given wherever possible
6. Index given at the end of the book


Informatics Practices for Class XI

Dr Pranab Kumar Das Gupta
  • 455.00 409.50

Informatics Practices for Class XII

Dr Pranab Kumar Das Gupta
  • 455.00 409.50
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