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Inquisitive Social Sciences

Inquisitive Social Sciences

The series, Inquisitive Social Sciences for classes VI, VII & VIII, meets the requirements of the new NCERT Upper Primary syllabus and the guidelines of the New National Curriculum Framework (NCF). The books are suitable for all schools affiliated to CBSE, emphasising the role played by Social Sciences in helping children to understand the world in which they live.

  1. The books have an integrated thematic approach to give a balanced perspective to the learner on History, Geography, Social and Political Life.
  2. Enlivens the subject with attractive layout, colourful illustrations, schematic diagrams, relevant photographs & maps including MCQs.
  3. Case studies allow detailed reflection on the theme and provides opportunities for group discussion and debates which help the child build upon his/her analytical skills. 
  4. Conclusion in each chapter is provided to assist the students in recapitulation. Glossary is given to help in improving the vocabulary.      

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Inquisitive Social Sciences For Class-6

Kiran Ashok Kumar
  • 735.00

Inquisitive Social Sciences For Class-7

Kiran Ashok Kumar
  • 765.00

Inquisitive Social Sciences For Class-8

Kiran Ashok Kumar
  • 795.00
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