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It's All About Us (Social Studies)

It's All About Us (Social Studies)

It's All About Us is a series of Social Studies textbooks for classes 3 to 5. The series follows the latest syllabus guidelines of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. The books have interesting features that encourage the learner to ponder, comprehend and infer knowledge from the content that has thoughtfully designed and presented.

  1. Key Concepts - from the syllabus lists what is being covered in the chapter
  2. Stop to Answer - questions in between the chapters that will enable the learners to ponder about the topic
  3. Spotlight - an attractive doublespread that displays pictorial snippets with additional and interesting information on a topic discussed in the book
  4. New Words - provides meanings of difficult words used in the chapte
  5. Recap - a quick recapitulation of the main points what has been learnt in the chapter
  6. Exercises -interesting end-of-the-lesson exercises in accordance with the syllabus to discuss and test the learning and understanding of the topic
  7. Picture Study -allows to gauge the observational skill of the students and also their interpretation of the topic discussed
  8. Project Work -at the end of each lesson for application of knowledge learnt
  9. Worksheets - focus on assessment and evaluation

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It's All About Us SSt class 3

Dr M.P. Rozario
  • 415.00

It's All About Us SSt class 4

Dr M.P. Rozario
  • 485.00

It's All About Us SSt class 5

Dr M.P. Rozario
  • 510.00
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