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Lakhmir Singh Science for Ninth & Tenth Classes

Lakhmir Singh Science for Ninth & Tenth Classes

A series of six books for Classes IX and X according to the CBSE new syllabus

  • Text written in easy to understand language which is also age-appropriate
  • Text supported with an ample amount of colourful pictures
  • All the headings, subheadings, definitions, etc are given in different colours to help students locate them easily
  • Plenty of activities to explain different scientific concepts
  • Exercise includes a variety of solved and unsolved questions keeping in mind the new examination pattern based on CCE
  • "Answer the following" type questions have been divided into - very short answer type, short answer type, and long answer type questions in all the chapters
  • A separate section on MCQs and HOTS based on practical skills in science
  • Answers to the NCERT book questions at the end of the boo
  • Model Test Papers based on the latest marking scheme

Containing answers to NCERT book questions

Self-Practice Book for Science Ninth Class Part - 3 BIOLOGY

Dr P S Verma
  • 275.00 247.50
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