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Living With Values

Living With Values

Living With Values tries to reinforce basic values in children  through folktales, fables and real-life stories. Ample individual  and group activities make the classroom sessions interesting.

1. The series highlights basic values which need to be built into our character. Most of these values are universal, but they are also firmly rooted in Indian soil.
2. The series tries to sensitize students on the need for mutual respect and understanding.
3. Through folk tales, fables and real-life stories, the series tries to reinforce the values of peace, brotherhood and co-operation.
4. This series is practical in the sense that the solutions given are direct and easy to follow. These books have a lot of scope for individual and group activities, games and creative work in the classroom.


Living with Values Book-1

Pratibha Nath
  • 260.00

Living with Values Book-2

Pratibha Nath
  • 285.00

Living with Values Book-3

Pratibha Nath
  • 325.00

Living with Values Book-4

Pratibha Nath
  • 350.00

Living with Values Book-5

Pratibha Nath
  • 365.00

Living with Values Book-6

Pratibha Nath
  • 400.00

Living with Values Book-7

Pratibha Nath
  • 415.00

Living with Values Book-8

Pratibha Nath
  • 435.00
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