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My Book of Social Studies

My Book of Social Studies

The revised edition of the Series of Social Studies is designed in Five Parts. These books are informative, conceptual, illustrative and easy to follow the topics and concepts suggested in the syllabus laid by NCERT for Classes I to V.

  1. The language used in the book is lucid and simple with updated information on the social and political structure of the current age.  
  2. The books are largely based on Environmental Topics and there are number of small activities including 'Student Page' and 'Question Time' for recapitulation and revision of the subject matter.   

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My First Book of Social Studies - 1

N.K. Chowdhry
  • 275.00

My Second Book of Social Studies - 2

N.K. Chowdhry
  • 300.00

My Third Book of Social Studies - 3

N.K. Chowdhry
  • 320.00

My Fourth Book of Social Studies - 4

N.K. Chowdhry
  • 345.00

My Fifth Book of Social Studies - 5

N.K. Chowdhry
  • 355.00
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