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New Inquisitive Science

New Inquisitive Science

The New Inquisitive Science is a series of eight books for Classes 1 to 8 that conforms to the vision of the National Curriculum Framework. The series has been written with a child-centric approach that arouses curiosity in children and helps to develop analytical and reasoning skills in them.

1. Basic concepts of science explained in a simple yet effective manner
2. Ample activities to develop scientific attitude and observation, data collection and inferential skills
3. Text supported with useful learning tools like pictures, charts, tables, etc.
4. Extensive practice to reinforce and test concepts
5. Mind Map in each chapter gives a holistic view of the chapter
6. Visual Interpretation are picture-based in-text exercises
7. Knowledge Treasure is the section of special pages in each book which provides interesting information to broaden one's horizon
8. Connect integrates Science with other subjects as well as develops Life Skills
9. Key Words enrich scientific vocabulary

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New Inquisitive Science Book-1

Dr. Kiran Ashok Kumar
  • 530.00

New Inquisitive Science Book-2

Dr. Kiran Ashok Kumar
  • 540.00

New Inquisitive Science Book-3

Dr. Kiran Ashok Kumar
  • 560.00

New Inquisitive Science Book-4

Dr. Kiran Ashok Kumar
  • 585.00

New Inquisitive Science Book-5

Dr. Kiran Ashok Kumar
  • 615.00

New Inquisitive Science Book-6

Dr. Kiran Ashok Kumar
  • 745.00

New Inquisitive Science Book-7

Dr. Kiran Ashok Kumar
  • 780.00

New Inquisitive Science Book-8

Dr. Kiran Ashok Kumar
  • 840.00
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