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P C Wren's Grammar

P C Wren's Grammar

P C Wren's Grammar is the revised edition of the series, based on user feedback, comprising eight English grammar textbooks for classes 1 to 8. Acknowledged as one of the best and most authoritative of traditional grammars for children, the series has been specially designed to meet the needs of the learners in the primary and middle schools today.

  1.  Includes carefully graded material across the series with special focus on structure and usage; less analysis and more examples and exercises
  2. Spiral gradation leading to cumulative learning as children progress through classes, and revisit certain topics, with more depth and complexity
  3. Activity based material to enhance creative skills and to make learning enjoyable
  4. Comprehension and composition exercises with solved examples and scaffolding for enhancing reading skills, the ability to draw inferences, and encourage independent writing 
  5. A special section on vocabulary with extended drilling of spellings and usage of words
  6. Listen and speak section to hone the oral-aural skills of the learners and to provide a more wholesome exposure in the learning of the English language 
  7.  Revision sections, three in each book, to help in the recapitulation and evaluation of what has been learnt
  8. Teacher's Manual for each textbook, with answer keys to the exercises and additional worksheets to facilitate the teaching process

Coursebook, Teacher's Manual, Test Generator, Web Support

P C Wren's Grammar-1

P C Wren
  • 195.00

P C Wren's Grammar-2

P C Wren
  • 220.00

P C Wren's Grammar-3

P C Wren
  • 250.00

P C Wren's Grammar-4

P C Wren
  • 270.00

P C Wren's Grammar-5

P C Wren
  • 300.00

P C Wren's Grammar-6

P C Wren
  • 325.00

P C Wren's Grammar-7

P C Wren
  • 365.00

P C Wren's Grammar-8

P C Wren
  • 395.00
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