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Reading About Starters

Reading About Starters

The Reading About Starters series introduces early readers to non-fiction. Each book is designed to increase reading fluency and combines a narrative text, accessible language and an easy-to-follow format. Keywords are introduced in non-fiction pages then recalled in an exciting story at the end of each book. A team of consultants including literacy and science specialists and primary school teachers assisted in the series design and set text levels for each book, with particular attention to readibility and literacy levels. Level 1: Helps readers to identify groups of objects and introduces key science vocabulary.

Paws , Tails And Whiskers :: Body | Hooves, Paws, Tail | Wings, Flippers, Fins | Skin, Scales, Feathers | Bones, Shell | Hair, Fur, Whiskers, Mane | Eyes, Tentacles, Ears | Mose, Truck , Toungue | Teeth, Tusk, Beak | Claw, Horn, Spines, Sting | Story :: M

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