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S. Chand’s Mathematics (for Classes XI & XII)

S. Chand’s Mathematics (for Classes XI & XII)

S. Chand’s Mathematics books for Classes Xl and Xll are completely based on CCE pattern of CBSE. The book for Term I covers the syllabus from April to September and the book for Term II covers the syllabus from October to March.

1. Every chapter starts with the newly prescribed syllabus, important formulae and summary to help students to get a microscopic view of the contents to follow.
2. A the end of every chapter, test papers on the respective topics have been included for regular preparation of the subject matter by the students.
3. The whole syllabus is split up into small chapters in order to make the concepts clear and easy to understand.
4. Pictures and realistic figures have been added to make the abstract topic lively.
5. Problems are linked with learners' life and experiences so that the learner will realised how and why Mathematics is useful.


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