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S.Chand’s Science

S.Chand’s Science

S Chand’s Science is series of three books for Classes 6 to 8, based on CBSE curriculum. The books have been written in simple and lucid language so that students can understand complex scientific concepts easily. 

1. Illustrations and photographs are given to elucidate comprehension of key concepts
2. Extra learning material has been added under Additional Learning to teach wider aspects of the basic concepts
3. Test Your Learning Outcome has been given in between the chapters
4. Activities and Project Work facilitate the students in doing things in a practical manner
5. High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions are given at the end of each chapter


S. Chand’s Science Book-6

B K Gowel
  • 580.00

S. Chand’s Science Book-7

B K Gowel
  • 625.00

S. Chand’s Science Book-8

B K Gowel
  • 670.00

S. Chand's Question Bank Science CBSE Class X Term 2

S. Chand Experts
  • 175.00
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