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Science Laboratory Manual (for Classes IX & X)

Science Laboratory Manual (for Classes IX & X)

These laboratory manuals for Classes 9 and 10 convey the methodology
and idea of the laboratory course to students and provide them with
appropriate guidance for carrying out experiments in the laboratory.
The activities given in these manuals explore the opportunities for
contemplation, group discussion, and activities requiring hands-on

  1. A wide range of experiments that cover the syllabus.
  2. All experiments are well illustrated and comprehensively explained.
  3. All experiments conform to a general format that includes - aim, theory, materials required, procedure,observations, results and discussion, precautions, and questions.
  4. These questions include Viva Voce and MCQs for each experiment.
  5. A special section covering NCERT Lab Manual questions along with answers.

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Science Laboratory Manual for Class 9

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Science Laboratory Manual for 10

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