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Take off with Computers

Take off with Computers

Take Off with Computers is a series of 8 books for classes 1 to 8 for computer science. It is based on Windows 7 and Office 2010. It has an application-based course structure which fulfils the need of learner and educator alike.

1.Check in - Learning objectives for the chapter to give a quick bird's eye view.

2. Boarding pass - Warm up activities at the start of the chapter to recapitulate or trigger a thinking process.

3. Check point - In-text activities after major sections.

4.Fact Lounge - Interesting facts related to the topic in hand.

5. Destination - Summary of the chapter in points for easy and quick revision.

6. Check out - Thoroughly graded exercises for assessing the concepts learnt in the chapter.

7. Hands-on Time - Comprehensive lab activities to apply the skills learnt in the classroom.

8. Cross the bridge - Activities reinforcing the all-important link between IT and other subjects.

Coursebooks, Web support, Teacher's CDs on request 


Take Off with Computers 1

Deepa Bhandari
  • 395.00

Take Off with Computers 2

Deepa Bhandari
  • 420.00

Take Off with Computers 3

Deepa Bhandari
  • 495.00

Take Off with Computers 4

Deepa Bhandari
  • 525.00

Take Off with Computers 5

Deepa Bhandari
  • 590.00

Take Off with Computers 6

Sarika Kaushal
  • 630.00

Take Off with Computers 7

Sarika Kaushal
  • 665.00

Take Off with Computers 8

Sarika Kaushal
  • 695.00
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