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The Grammar Gate

The Grammar Gate

The Grammar Gate is an S. Chand series of eight English grammar books for the primary and middle school (classes 1-8). It offers the users a graded coverage of grammar topics wherein the concepts, usage and rules of grammar are taught clearly with the help of simple explanations, lucid examples, definitions, notes and tables.

1. Carefully graded material across the series with sections on vocabulary, punctuation, composition and comprehension, with special focus on structure and usage
2. Get cracking acts as a short warm up activity at the beginning of each unit for recapitulation.
3. Fun time includes activities to enhance creative skills and make learning enjoyable.
4. Comprehension and Composition help develop the learner's ability to use grammar in context.
5. Word smart pages based on vocabulary, interspersed throughout each book
6. Let's revise helps in recapitulation and evaluation of what has been learnt.
7. All 8 books are in a large workbook format with child-friendly and vibrant illustrations.

Grammar books, Teacher's manual and Web support

The Grammar Gate Book-1

Dr N.D.V. Prasada Rao
  • 355.00

The Grammar Gate Book-2

Dr N.D.V. Prasada Rao
  • 380.00

The Grammar Gate Book-3

Dr N.D.V. Prasada Rao
  • 405.00

The Grammar Gate Book-4

Dr N.D.V. Prasada Rao
  • 430.00

The Grammar Gate Book-5

Dr N.D.V. Prasada Rao
  • 490.00

The Grammar Gate Book-6

Dr N.D.V. Prasada Rao
  • 530.00

The Grammar Gate Book-7

Dr N.D.V. Prasada Rao
  • 570.00

The Grammar Gate Book-8

Dr N.D.V. Prasada Rao
  • 605.00
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