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Through The Ages

Through The Ages

Through The Ages for classes 6 to 8 follows the latest syllabus guidelines of Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. With an attractive layout and interesting features and activities, the books have been designed to make studying history and civics enjoyable for the students.

1. Key concepts at the beginning of each chapter. 
2. In-text elements to supplement the concepts taught. 
3. Timelines for better understanding of chronology. 
4. An attractive doublespread that displays pictorial snippets with additional and interesting information on a topic discussed in the book. 
5. Interesting stories about personalities and rulers discussed in the chapters. 
6. Variety of exercises to test the level of understanding. 
7. Activities to reinforce learning. 
8. Picture study allows to gauge the observational skill of the students and also their interpretation of the topic discussed. 
9. Worksheets that focus on assessment and evaluation.

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Through The Ages Class 6

Kanchan Churiwalla
  • 525.00

Through The Ages Class 7

Kanchan Churiwalla
  • 565.00

Through The Ages Class 8

Kanchan Churiwalla
  • 660.00
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