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Wow Science

Wow Science

•In Wow Science: Astronomy, learn more about the science of space and how observation and experimentation have enabled us to discover facts about the origins of the universe& the weight of the planets.

•Contents:The Universe began with a Big Bang | Our universe contains over 100 billion galaxies | Everyday galaxy has a black hole at its centre | The centre of the sun is over 15 billion degree centigrade | You can tell how hot a star is by looking at its color | Jupiter is like a star that failed to ignite  | We are all made of stardust | The earth weighs about six thousands, billion, billion tonnes | The tallest known volcano is on mars | If you could drive to the sun it would  take 200 years | Man-Made objects are now exploring beyond the solar system | In 2004 scientists discovered a 10th planet orbiting the sun | Glossary, Biography & Key Dates | Index

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