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"Mr. B. S. Bisht, a well known author of Chemistry Textbook for ICSE & ISC has been exclusively associated with S. Chand & Company for the last 30 years He was born on 8th July 1941 and had a very good academic career. He is a keen reader and an enthusiastic traveller. He studied in DSB Govt. College, Nainital and received his Postgraduate degree in the year 1966 and thereafter Master of Education degree from Lucknow University. A very large number of students all over the country have been immensely benefitted by the books he has written. He has an experience of teaching chemistry in classes XI -XII for about 35 year. He was Head of Chemistry Deptt in La Martiniere College, Lucknow and retired in the year 2003. His famous Publications are as follows: ISC Chemistry for Class IXth ISC Chemistry for Class Xth ISC Chemistry for Class Xlth ISC Chemistry for Class XIIth"

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