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Krishan Kumar is Professor and Head of the Department of Library Science, and Dean of Arts Faculty, University of Delhi. He received his education at the University of Delhi and Chicago and has taught Library Science at the University of Delhi and the Punjab University. He is an active member of the Executive Committee of the Delhi Library Association and is Associate Editor of its journal, the Library Herald. He is Editor, ILA Bulletin (an organ of Indian Library Association). He is also member, Editorial Board, the Journal of Library and Information Science (Dept. of Library Science, University of Delhi). To his credit, is a pioneering study entitled Users. Survey Concerning Teachers and Research Scholars in the Dept. of Chemistry, University of Delhi. He is also the author of Research Libraries in Developing Countries, which was received extremely well and Theory of Classification, Reference Service, and Library Manual, Other publications to his credit are Philosophy of User Education, Theory of Cataloguing, Bibliography Suchikaran Ke Siddhant and Granth Vigyan, co-authored with Girija Kumar, all published by VIKAS.

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