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Prof. Laxmi Narain (born 1930) is Professor Emeritus and Founding Head of the Department of Business Management, Osmania University, Hyderabad. He studied at Delhi University and at the London School of Economics, from where he received his Ph.D., his field of specialisation being Public Enterprise. He was a member of the MOU's Task Force in the Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India, New Delhi, since inception of MOUs in 1989, till 2001. He was Fulbright Scholar at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration during 1979-80. He was UGC National Lecturer during 1984-85. He was invited as an expert witness to give evidence before Parliament's Committee on Public Undertakings for its 32nd report (Eighth Lok Sabha) on 'Accountability and Autonomy of Public Undertakings'.

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