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"Mr. O.P. Malhotra was one of the best students of Professor Shanti Narayan during the years (1941-1943). He has won accolades for his books on Mathematics throughout the length and breadth of India. His teaching experience is simply unsurpassable. Before writing books on Mathematics, he used to write articles for The times of India, the Hindustan Times, the Statesman, The Illustrated weekly of India, etc. His first article ""What is a Public School"" was published in The Times of India in the year 1957. The article was highly appreciated by the British Council and they sent him to England. His another article on Basic Education inspired Dr. Shrimali, Education Minister in Nehruji’s Govt., who proposed his name to be included in a panel of 12 educationists and later asked them to visit the topmost public schools in India to find out how they can help in furthering the cause of Basic Education. His career as an author started in the year 1965 when he along with Professor Shanti Narayan started writing books on Mathematics for classes kindergarten to class XII in new Mathematics as well as Traditional Mathematics. His first book for Class XII was ‘Additional Mathematics With Statistics"". This book got a huge response from the readers. He has given several new methods in his books meant for classes XI and XII and also included some ""out of the track topics"" at the end of each chapter of the books which have greatly appealed to the students of classes IX and X.. He has also got the honour of being interviewed by ""Dainik Jagran"" on Jan 30, 2000. He has got 8 years teaching experience (1943-1951) in D.A.V. College Hoshiarpur upto B.A. Hons. Then he spent 33 years teaching in the Doon School, Dehradun from (1951-1984). After that he taught in Welham Boys School, Dehradun during (1984-1992). Also he taught at St. Bees School (Cumberland, U.K.), one of the top Public Schools in England. It has been rightly said that ‘Experience is the best teacher’ as has happened with Mr. O.P. Malhotra. Here is a list of his books from S. Chand. Mathematics Today 0, A Mathematics Today 0, B Mathematics Today - I To V Mathematics Today for ICSE - VI, VII, VIII ICSE Mathematics - IX ICSE Mathematics - X I.S.C.Mathematics - XI I.S.C.Mathematics - XII Question Bank in ICSE Maths-X Question Bank in ISC Maths - XII"

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