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"Pratibha Nath is the daughter of the late Dr. K.C. Mehta, a renowned botanist, remembered for his valuable research on wheat rust. She was born & brought up in Agra. She did her M.A. in English from Agra University and got a gold medal at both B.A . & M.A. levels. She has several years of experience in teaching English and History to middle & senior classes in schools. She has written several books for use in schools, among them supplementary readers and books on comprehension and creative writing. She is a creative writer herself and five of her story books are on the shelves of U.S. Library of Congress, Washington. Her forte is short stories. She has conducted story-telling sessions in several Delhi schools. As a freelance journalist she has contributed articles & short stories to many leading newspapers & magazines. Her major interests are music, reading & gardening. Some of her books published by S.Chand are: • Living With Values I to VIII • SPELL IT I to V • A Treasure of Tales I to VI"

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