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He retired as Professor of Education and Dean, from the University of Gorakhpur in 1979. Previously, he taught at the University of Lucknow. As a mark of his contributions to the field of Education in India, Dr. Chaube was decorated with the G.J. Watumull Memorial Award in 1962. Dr. Chaube has traveled extensively in USA, UK and other European countries and has closely studied the Educational Systems prevalent there. He has authored more than fifty books and his works on Education and Psychology are taught in universities throughout India. Dr. Chaube obtained his M.A. from the University of Banaras and M.Ed from the University of Allahabad. He did his D. Lit. from the University of Lucknow and was appointed as Fellow at the University of Indiana, Bloomington, USA, where he was later conferred "Doctor of Education" in 1952.

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