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"Prof. V.K. Bhalla is a Senior Faculty member of more than thirty years standing in the Delhi University. He holds Ph.D. from Delhi school of Economics. A prolific author, he has been contributing articles to various national and international journals. He has to his credit more than 100 research papers and two dozen books and research studies published. His prominent publications include: Fundamentals of Investment Management, Foreign Investment and New Economic Policy; World Economy in '90s: A Portfolio Approach; International Economy: Liberalisation Process, International Monetary and Financial System and Issues; International Business Environment and Management; International Financial Management; Financial Management and Policy; Stock Markets Crash and Its Aftermath; Investment Management : Security Analysis and Portfolio Management; Working Capital Management, etc. Currently he is the Convenor of the Management Panel of the University Grants Commission, and has worked on a number of UGC committees. He has been associated with the work of Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Being a nominee director of number of public limited companies, he has vast experience of the working of corporate world. He has also been consultant to a number of Government, Semi- Government, and private organisations. Here is a list of his books from S. Chand. Investment Management: Security Analysis & Portfolio Mangt. Fundamental of Investment Management Financial Derivatives (Risk Mgmt.) Portfolio Analysis and Management"

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