History of the Modern World: For UPSC Civil Services Examinations

History of the Modern World: For UPSC Civil Services Examinations

Author : Ajay Shukla

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  • ISBN : 9789355017239
  • Pages : 408
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2023
  • Size : 6.50*9.25

Price : 495.00 396.00

History of the Modern World is not merely a chronicle of past events. This book is a venture to discuss the underlying thoughts that led to those events, and the thoughts - the ideologies - that sprouted out as a consequence of the historical events. The author has taken care to cover the events of historical significance that shaped our modern world and has analysed the causes and consequences of the events that shaped our modern era. This analysis has been done not only from the political point of view but also from the social, economic, and even psychological viewpoints because real-life events are affected by an assorted gamut of factors. Thus, the book will engage and encourage its readers in discovering new ideas and knowledge, and motivate them to dig deep into the History of the Modern World. The intention of this book is simply to make the reader understand, and think with an open mind, and not pass any final judgment on history. Time is its own final judge on historical matters, and hence, the judgments also keep getting revised with the passage of _me. It is so because it is the present that decides how we judge the past.

The content and the treatment of the book would make it immensely useful in the preparation for the General Studies-I (Paper-II) of the Main Examination as well as the Preliminary Examination (General Studies Paper-I) conducted by the UPSC every year. Aspirants with History as an optional subject would also benefit from the book as would the UG and PG students of History and the layperson with an interest in History. While writing the papers, most often, UPSC aspirants need to explore and deeply analyse multidimensional aspects of historical events and synthesise simple, logical, and to-the-point answers from the complicated layers of historical events. This skill would eventually be tested and used in the real life by the budding civil servants who would move later into the higher echelons of the bureaucracy.

  • Lucid presentation and free-flowing language, including 18 maps.
  • The narration of a large number of lesser-known and little-talked-about, but important — and interesting facts which played a critical role in shaping World History.
  • An objective analysis of events, and thoughts that led to those events, from a modern perspective in the political, social, and economic context.
  • Philosophical discussion on Ideologies that led to major historical events.

  • America: The New World
  • The French Revolution
  • Napoleon
  • Europe: Conservative Reaction and Revolutions
  • Europe: Rise of Nationalism
  • First World War
  • Russia and the Revolutions
  • Europe: The Period of Turmoil
  • Second World War
  • Japan and the Far East
  • China and Indo-China
  • The Ottoman Empire
  • Africa
  • Collapse of Soviet Union
  • The Modern World

For UPSC Civil Services Examinations

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