English for Competitive Examinations: (Includes Descriptive and Objective Tests)

English for Competitive Examinations: (Includes Descriptive and Objective Tests)

Author : Wren & Martin

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  • ISBN : 9789352837564
  • Pages : 632
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2021
  • Size : 8" X 10.5"

Price : 525.00 420.00

This book has been designed by combining the goodness of the original Wren & Martin text, High School Grammar & Composition, and specialized content developed by a panel of competitive examination experts in the area of the English language. The USP is therefore adapting a classical text to the needs of the various admission and recruitment competitive examination aspirants. Its exhaustive coverage ensures that virtually no competitive examination remains untouched. Students preparing for descriptive tests such as UPSC (Compulsory English and General English Papers of Main Exams) and state PCS examinations, Judicial Services examination, Indian Forest Service examination, Statistical Services and many other examinations in which subjective papers/tests are mandatory will find this book immensely useful. The book is also a boon for those students who are preparing for objective tests such as Banking and Insurance, SSC, UPSC preliminary, Defence Services, Law entrance, Business School entrance examinations, and many other admission and recruitment examinations. A unique feature of this book is demonstration of the connectedness of the concepts and their applications visually, with the help of arrows and pointers. The aspirant will also find questions from recent examinations on virtually every page of the book. An index of examination-wise questions has been included so that the aspirant can choose the sections according to the targeted examination and focus more. Topic-wise distribution of questions in English examination papers - both descriptive and objective - will also help aspirants to undertake a very well directed test-prep program using the book.

Book 1 Grammar

1.The Sentence 2. Subject and Predicate 3. The Phrase and The Clause 4. Parts of Speech 5. The Noun: Kinds of Nouns 6. The Noun: Gender 7. The Noun: Number 8. The Noun: Case 9. The Adjective 10. Comparison of Adjectives 11. Adjectives Used As Nouns 12.Position of Adjectives 13. The Correct Use of Some Adjective 14. Articles 15. Personal Pronouns 16. Reflexive and Emphatic Pronouns 17. Demonstrative, Indefinite and Distributive Pronouns 18. Relative Pronouns 19. Interrogative Pronouns1 20. The Verb: Transitive and Intransitive Verbs 21. Verbs of Incomplete Predication 22. Active and Passive Voice 23. Mood 24. Tenses: Introduction 25. The Uses of The Present and Past Tenses 26. The Future 27. The Verb: Person and Number 28. The Infinitive 29. The Participle 30. The Gerund 31. Irregular Verbs 32. Auxiliaries and Modals 33.Conjugation of The Verb Love 34. The Adverb 35. Comparison of Adverbs 36. Formation of Adverbs 37. Position of Adverbs 38. The Preposition 39. Words Followed By Prepositions 40. The Conjunction  41. Some Conjunctions and Their Uses 42. The Interjection 43. The Same Word Used As Different Parts of Speec 

Book 2 Composition

44. Agreement of The Verb with The Subject 45. Nouns and Pronouns 46. Adjectives 47. Verbs 48. Adverbs 49. Conjunctions 50. Order of Words 51. Punctuation
Descriptive Tests
• Q-Bank 1: Grammar (Do As Directed Questions)
• Q-Bank 2: Sentence Correction
Objective Tests
• Q-Bank 1: Error Identification
• Q-Bank 2: Sentence Improvement
52. Word List
Descriptive Tests 

• Q-Bank 3: Vocabulary Test
Objective Tests
• Q-Bank 3: Test of Antonyms
• Q-Bank 4: Test of Synonyms
• Q-Bank 5: Cloze Test
• Q-Bank 6: One Word Substitution Test
• Q-Bank 7: Sentence Completion Test
53a. Idioms
53b. Idioms (Continued)
Objective Tests
• Q-Bank 4. Idioms and Phrases Test
Descriptive Tests
• Q-Bank 8. Idioms and Phrases Test

54. Order of Words
55 Paragraph - Writings
Objective Tests
• Q-Bank 9: Rearrangement of Jumbled Words in a Sentence Test
• Q-Bank 10: Rearrangement of Sentences in a Paragraph Test
56. Analysis of Simple Sentences 57. Phrases 58. Clauses 59. Sentences: Simple, Compound and Complex 60. More About Noun Clauses 61. More About Adjective Clauses 62. More About Adverb Clauses 63. Analysis of Complex Sentences (Clause Analysis) 64. Analysis of Compound Sentences (Clause Analysis) 65. Transformation of Sentences 66. Transformation of Sentences (Contd.)
Descriptive Tests
• Q-Bank 5: Transformation of Sentences
Objective Tests
• Q-Bank 11: Active Voice to Passive Voice Test
• Q-Bank 12: Passive Voice to Active Voice Test
67. Synthesis of Sentences 68. Synthesis of Sentences (Contd.) 69. Synthesis of Sentences (Contd.) 70. The Sequence of Tenses 71. Direct and Indirect Speech
Descriptive Tests
Q-Bank 6: Synthesis of Sentences Test
Objective Tests
Q-Bank 13: Direct to Indirect Speech Test
Q-Bank 14: Indirect to Direct Speech Test
72: Comprehension
73: Precis-Writing
74: Essay-Writing
Descriptive Tests
• Q-Bank 7: Reading Comprehension
Objective Tests
• Q-Bank 15: Reading Comprehension
Descriptive Tests
• Q-Bank 8: Précis Writing Test
• Q-Bank 9: UPSC Essays Test

·   UNIQUE & PEERLESS - For the first time ever Wren & Martin is available in a new Avatar that will help aspirants succeed in English for all important competitive examinations that are held in India throughout the year! Yes, for the first time such authoritative content is available for both ';descriptive' and ';objective' portions between the covers.
·   ENGAGING & MOTIVATING - Designed like a concepts-cum-workbook, this book promises to keep aspirants engaged with the content by compelling them to do mental gymnastics when they study using this book. The aspirant will feel motivated to learn until the time they master the section of the book that they want to. In the process, attention span will improve.
·   TOOLBOX APPROACH - It contains real-world actual questions from recent examinations (based on memory), tightly wrapped around the concepts. Visual connectors have been used throughout the book to connect concepts with questions. This ensures that the aspirants develop an inventory of tools of application of concepts which they can choose and apply when faced with examination.
·  PRACTICE BOOSTER - Apart from plenty of in-text questions and concept-checkers, every section in the book ends with question banks, offering ample practice opportunity. Overall, the book has 23 question banks.

·  PREP STRATEGY ENHANCER - Since the variety of questions in actual examinations is wide, for making preparation efficacious we have included an index of examination questions and two tables containing topic-wise distribution of questions by examinations, so that the aspirants know what is more important and what is less. This will result in an efficient use of time and a sharply focused preparation.

·  ONE-STOP SOLUTION - Our team of competitive examination experts in the English paper has filled in with content for those topics which Wren & Martin does not address sufficiently, so that that the book becomes a one-stop solution for all aspirants.


  • SSC-CGL Exams - Tier I & Tier-II
  • SSC CSHL Exams
  • Other SSC Exams - MTS, CAPF, Stenographers, FCI, CPO, JE and so on
  • IBPS CRP Exams - PO, SO, RRB, Clerk
  • Other Banking Exams - SBI, RBI, NABARD, SIDBI and so on - PO, Clerical and Junior Associate
  • Railway Recruitment Board (RRB)
  • Insurance Exams - LIC, GIC, NICL - AAO, Asst Manager
  • UPSC Civil Services Exam (Main and Prelim-CSAT)
  • State Civil Services Exams
  • UPSC IFS Exam
  • UPSC NDA and NA Exam (GAT)
  • UPSC Engineering Services Exam
  • Other UPSC Examinations - SCRA, CISF, EPFO, IES/ISS, CASF, CISF-ASI
  • All other state-level Recruitment Tests for police, supervisors, officers, inspectors, assistants and so on
  • DSSSB Exams (PGT/TGT/PRT/Nursery Teacher)
  • DMRC Recruitment Tests
  • MBA Entrance Exams - MAT, SNAP, CAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT, IRMA and so on
  • Other Entrance Examinations - CLAT, NCHMCT-JEE, GATE, and so on
  • Campus placement written exams

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