How to Become a Human Calculator

How to Become a Human Calculator

Author : Aditi Singhal

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  • ISBN : 9789352836543
  • Pages : 324
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S. Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2012
  • Size : 5.5" X 8.5"

Price : 299.00 239.20

This edition of the well-known book aims at helping students to sharpen their Vedic math techniques along with traditional math calculation methods to increase their calculation speed with accuracy. Methods and tricks for fast/quick calculation constitutes the main pillar of the book. This book will not only help students in their courses but also will help them cracking various competitive exam, especially which involve long and complex and tedious calculations. The sound pedagogical treatment will instil a lot of confidence among students and competitive exam aspirants.

  1. Includes a special chapter dedicated to exploring the application of Vedic math techniques in school syllabuses as well as various competitive exams.
  2. Along with Arithmetic, Algebra is also included in this book. For the convenience of readers, the book is divided in two parts—Arithmetic and Algebra.
  3. More than 500 solved examples are given to assist better understanding.
  4. Exhaustive exercises for each technique are given to master them through practice.
  5. Consolidated test papers at the end are given for further practice and revision.
  6. Different colors have been used to highlight the key points and the calculations done in each step.
  7. Steps for each method are summarized in tabular form to present a gist of the methods at a glimpse.

Vedic Math-E-Magic                                                                  

  1. Two Basic Concepts of Vedic Mathematics                     
  2. Multiplications with 99999…. in less than 5 seconds         
  3. Magic with 11                                                                      
  4. Multiplying by 12 (without using 12)                                   
  5. Subtraction at One Look                                                     
  6.  Checking Your Answers (removing silly mistakes)            
  7. Multiplication of Numbers Near the Bases                         
  8. Multiplication by 5, 25, 50, 250, 500….                              
  9. Vertical and Crosswise Multiplication                                 
  10. Interesting Squares
  11. Finding Squares in One Line                                              
  12. Fractions                                                                             
  13. Division                                                                                
  14. Long Division in One Line (the crowning glory)                  
  15.  Square Roots in One Line                                                  
  16. Cube Roots at a Glance                                                     
  17. Cubes                                                                                  
  18. Magic Division                                                                     
  19. Check Divisibility by Prime Number                                    
  20.  500 Years Calendar                                                            
  21. Finding Hcf and Lcm                                                        
  22. Creating a Pythagorean Triplet                                           
  23. Dodging Times Tables Up To 99                                        


    ​24. Algebraic Multiplication                                                       
Factorizing Quadratic Expressions                                     
 Linear Equations in One Variable                                       
Linear Equations (special types)                                         
Simultaneous Linear Equations                                          
Some More Tricks for Competitive Exams                         
Application of Vedic Maths in Competitive Exams             
            •; Speed Enhancement Test Papers                                      
Vedic Maths Sutras and Sub-Sutras                                  
            •; Vedic Maths Sutras (with their applications)                      

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