Modern Essays

Modern Essays

Author : H.C. Mahajan

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  • ISBN : 9788121919432
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2015

Price : 550.00 440.00

This book is an endeavour to prepare the students for competitive examinations like IAS, IES, IFS, Bank PO'S, LIC, AAO'S etc. It is enriched with problem solving tools and assessment that would serve as a one-stop solution for students. Shortest methods for solving tricky conceptual questions have also been given to simplify learning.

• This book is big guidance for mastering the Art of essay writing.
• Essays on important topics as women Empowerment, population problem, culture
heritage, Power Corrupts are covered in this book.
• The extensiveness of the coverage of themes by this compilation of macro-level
explanations of emergent issues, makes it a useful compendium for those preparing
for competitive examination.

Part-A: Reflection: 1. Should one Always Speak the Truth?, 2. Sweet are the Uses of Adversity, 3. Successful People are Seldom Nice, 4. All Good Things of Life are Free, 5. Paths of Glory Lead but to the Grave, 6. Value of Pain and Suffering, 7. The Value of a Sense of Humour, 8. There is No Place Like Home, 9. All That Glitters is Not Gold, 10. Simple Living and High Thinking, 11. A Thing of Beauty is a Joy for Ever, 12. Is God Dead?, 13. An Empty Vessel Makes Much Noise, 14. Compassion is the Basis of All Morality, 15. When Life Is a Daily Festival, Part-B: Experience: Sweet and Sour: 16. Relations, 17. Living in Another Country, 18. Watching Films, 19. An Old Photo Album, 20. Ragging, 21. My Favourite Hobby or Pastime, 22. Non-resident Indians and Home (India), 23. Neighbours, 24. Teenage, 25. Loneliness, 26. Joys and Frustrations of Old Age, 27. Friendship, Part-C: Life Style, Leisure and Entertainment: 28. Advertisement, 29. Shop-Windows, 30. Fashion, 31. Satellite T.V., 32. Pleasures of Gardening, 33. Holidays, 34. Travel Broadens Outlook, 35. Uses of Leisure, 36. Newspapers as Modern Scriptures, 37. The Importance of Art in Human Life, 38. Search for Happiness, 39. My Favourite Author, Part-D: Society and Progress: 40. Empowerment of Women, 41. Women's Lib, 42. Are We Happier Than Our Forefathers?, 43. Is Socialism Dead?, 44. Environment - Can it be Preserved?, 45. Imperatives of Electoral Politics in India, 46. Education and Development, 47. India's Population Problem, 48. Competition and Growth, 49. Prejudice: In Your Home, School and Among Your Circle of Acquaintan, 50. Communal Violence in India, 51. The Future of Mankind, 52. Criminal - Rulers Nexus, 53. India - 2020, 54. Our Cultural Heritage, 55. Economic Liberalisation, 56. Freedom of Speech, 57. Changing Face of Indian Youth, 58. Whither Democracy!, 59. Modernising India, 60. Relevance of Religion Today, 61. Role of Information Technology in Alleviation of Poverty in India, 62. Indian Society at Crossroads, 63. Politics and Ethics, 64. India's Nuclear Policy, 65. Judicial Activism, 65. Environment Vs. Development, 67. Need for Transparency in Public Administration, 68. Stress and Materialism, 69. Civil Servants Today, 70. Power Corrupts, 71. Bribery, 72. If I Were the Prime Minister of India, 73. Patriotism, 74. United Nations - Success and Failures, 75. Science and Human Happiness, 76. Should We Learn English?, 77. Terrorism, 78. Reservations, 79. Tradition vs. Modernity, 80. My Idea of a Just Society, 81. Secularism In India
Vishnoo Bhagwan, I.A.S.

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