Objective Physics For JEE (MAIN) VOLUME -I

Objective Physics For JEE (MAIN) VOLUME -I

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  • ISBN : 9789383746941
  • Pages : 672
  • Binding : Perfect
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2014

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Objective Physics was first published in 1997. Since then it has received overwhelming response from teachers and students all over the country and some places abroad. We have received hundreds of letters appreciating the basic approach to the presentation of the subject, and the selection and ordering of problems. The book has been invaluable in the preparation for the Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations of all Indian Universities and Institutes. Many emotionally charged letters have been written by parents also, mentioning that their wards, who earlier found physics very difficult, could succeed in their chosen entrance examination because they read this book. Nothing can be more satisfying and rewarding for an author.

It was now felt that separate books should be written for engineering and medical entrance examinations. With that in mind, we present OBJECTIVE PHYSICS FOR JEE(MAIN). It is a thoroughly revised and transformed version of the earlier book. It is written specially for the newly started Joint Entrance Examination (Main), which is to be taken for admission to most of the engineering colleges and institutes in India (NITs, IITs, other centrally funded Technical Institutes and Institutes funded by many state governments). JEE (Main) also serves as eligibility test for JEE (Advanced), which is exclusively for admission to IITs. The book will also be equally useful for those colleges and institutes which conduct their own entrance tests because the courses and patterns are almost the same.

• Syllabus for JEE (Main) • To The Students • Useful Mathematical Formulae • Some
Important Physical Constants, 1. Measurement: Units, Dimensions and Errors,
2. Scalars and Vectors, 3. Motion in a Straight Line, 4. Motion in a Plane-I: Projectile
Motion, 5. Forces and Newton's Laws of Motion, 6. Motion in a Plane-II: Circular Motion, 5. Work, Energy and Power, 8. Conservation of Momentum Centre of Mass Collisions, 9. Rotational Motion , 10. Gravitation, 11. Simple Harmonic Motion, 12. Elasticity, 13. Fluid Statics, 14. Flow of Ideal Fluids, 15. Viscosity, 16. Surface Tension, 17. Thermal Expansion Gas Laws and Kinetic Theory of Gases Thermometry, 18. Heat, Work and Laws of Thermodynamics, 19. Modes of Heat Transfer, 20. Waves, 21. Superposition of Waves

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