Biology for Medical Entrance

Biology for Medical Entrance

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  • ISBN : 9788121935234
  • Pages : 1616
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • Size : 6.75" X 9.5"

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The book "Biology for Medical Entrance" is intended for students who are preparing for careers in medical and health. It is a comprehensive all in one biology book that provides articles that will prove invaluable to students appearing in national and state level Medical Entrance Examinations.

• Chapters reflect the extensive and up-to-date coverage of molecular biology,
immunology, cytology, genetics, ecology, botany and zoology. Each includes explicit
diagrams illustrating the intricacy of the described mechanisms. Each chapter begins with the understanding of biological phenomena.
• Exclusive diagrams have been used extensively throughout; they're being over 1500 in the book, both to explain the text and to make it more interesting to look at.
• The appendix of the book includes Author's Diary, this transcribed and spliced matter acts as pre-test refresher, when the entrance examination is nearby. This refreshing and revitalizing treatment generates a perfect confidence to win the task.
• The end of the book provides encyclopaedic index of topics and articles described
throughout the book.

Unit-1: Study of Life: 1. Nature and Scope of Biology, 2. Understanding Life,
3. Atoms, Molecules and Life, 4. Tools and Techniques, Unit-2: Diversity in Living
World: 5. Classification of Organisms, 6. Viruses and Prions, 7. Kingdom Monera,
8. Kingdom Protista, 9. Kingdom Fungi, 10. Kingdom Plantae: Lower Plants, 11. Kingdom Plantae: Higher Plants, 12. Kingdom Animalia: Protostomes, 13. Kingdom Animalia: Deuterostomes, Unit-3: Structural Organization in Animals and Plants: 14. Plant: Morphology and Modifications, 15. Plant Tissues and Primary Growth, 16. Anatomy of Flowering Plants, 17. Secondary Growth in Stems and Roots, 18. Animal Tissues and Body Organization, 19. Cockroach: Morphology and Systems, Unit-4: Cell Structure and Function: 20. Biological Molecules, 21. Energy, Enzymes and Catalysis, 22. Cell Membranes: Structure and Function, 23. Organization of the Cell, 24. Cell Division and Cell Cycle, Unit-5: Plant Physiology: 25. Transport in Plants, 26. Mineral Nutrition, 27. Photosynthesis: Light & Life, 28. Respiration: Liberation of Energy, 29. Plant Growth and Movements, Unit-6: Human Physiology: 30. Homeostasis and Thermoregulation, 31. Digestion and Absorption, 32. Breathing and Respiration, 33. Body Fluids and Circulation, 34. Excretory Products and Their Elimination, 35. Locomotion and Movement: Muscles, 36. Locomotion and Movement: Bones, 37. Neural Control and Coordination, 38. Sense Organs and Sensory Functions, 39. Chemical Coordination and Regulation, 40. Immune System and Body Defense, Unit-7: Reproduction: 41. Reproduction in Organisms, 42. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants, 43. Human Reproduction, 44. Embryonic Development, 45. Reproductive Health, Unit-8: Genetics and Evolution: 46. Mendelian Inheritance, 47. Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance, 48. Molecular Basis of Inheritance, 49. Gene Expression and its Regulation, 50. Human Genetics, 51. Recombinant DNA Technology, 52. Origin of Life and Concept of Evolution, 53. The Mechanism of Evolution, 54. Adaptation and Speciation, 55. Human Evolution, Unit-9: Biology in Human Welfare: 56. Human Health and Diseases, 57. Improvements in Food Production, 58. Microbes in Human Welfare, 59. Applications of Biotechnology, Unit-10: Ecology and Environment: 60. Organism and Environment, 61. Community Interactions, 62. Ecosystem: Structure and Function, 63. Biodiversity and its Conservation, 64. Environmental Issues • Appendix: Author's Diary • Article Search Index

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