Best 4000 Smart Question Bank SSC Quantitative Aptitude in English

Best 4000 Smart Question Bank SSC Quantitative Aptitude in English

Author : Testbook

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  • ISBN : 9789355012180
  • Pages : 700
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2022
  • Size : 8"X 10.55"

Price : 680.00 544.00

This book is very important for various SSC exams. It has a new way of learning,
different from the conventional style of practicing questions. This Smart Book
contains the Best 4000 questions. The candidates will learn to emphasize on
Key details related to problem-solving with the help of this Smart Question Bank.
Testbook has designed Smart Book to reform the approach of question-solving.
Quantitative Aptitude can become one of the high-scoring sections in all major SSC
exams if practised well. The competition level of these exams is already very intense;
questions are now quite trickier, and SSC has raised the difculty level of the exam especially for the Quant section.
Tips for SSC MTS, SSC GD Constable
• Emphasis on the Number system and Number series. To master, these
section candidates must have a good knowledge of number series
questions based on numerical sequences that follow a logical rule/pattern
based on elementary arithmetic concepts.
• A good number of questions will be asked from the Arithmetic section. The
difculty level of these questions will be easy to moderate. Questions asked
from these topics will be Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Time, Speed
and Distance, etc. Inverse relation and direct relation between time, speed,
and distance can help you a lot. Try to memorize formulas daily and try
different questions from books and quizzes to know how questions can be
twisted in multiple ways.
Tips for SSC CHSL, & SSC Selection Post
• Questions on Fundamental Arithmetical Operations will be asked on topics
like Percentages, Averages, Interest (Simple and Compound), etc. Simple
formula-based questions will be asked, but the difculty level also varies
from shift to shift. While attempting these questions, attempt those topics rst
over which you have a good hold and have been practised thoroughly.
• The most important topic to focus on is Algebra and Geometry. From this
section moderate to difcult levels of questions will be asked,
If this section is prepared well, it will help you to gain good marks.
The best way to learn this topic is by mugging up all the Trigonometric Identities and formulas to solve the questions.
Tips for SSC CPO & SSC CGL Exam
• Geometry and Mensuration can be called the most important section
containing heavy weightage. It is important to have good knowledge of
Euclid's ve postulates of Geometry. Learn all important formulas like curved
surface area, total surface area, and volume by heart.
• Number System, LCM, HCF and Simplication will have a great weightage.
These topics are very important because it is the foundation for all other
topics in the quant section. Avoid taking this section on a light note as the
questions may be tricky sometimes.
• DI is an important topic to consider and every year a good number of
questions are observed. The golden rule to solve DI questions is to avoid
using the calculator for the exam. To boost your calculation power, try to
solve the questions without the calculators. You should be comfortable with
numbers, calculations, fractions and percentages.

• Best 4000 questions included in this Smart Book have been shortlisted on the basis of performance data
of students studying on Testbook's online platform.
• Machine Learning technology has been used to calculate the difculty level and ideal Time To Answer
(TTA) the questions.
• Smart Answer Key is provided to analyze the comparative performance data at each question.
• Free chapter-wise Video Lessons are provided to revise the concepts & tricks before starting the practice
which can be accessed by scanning the QR code.
• After Solving the Questions Check the Smart Answer Key to:
• Check question-wise difculty level and percentage of students who attempted it correctly or skipped it.
• See the detailed & comprehensive solutions of all questions at the end of every chapter.

1. Simplication
2. Number System
3. Average
4. Percentage
5. Ratio and Proportion
6. Prot & Loss
7. Interest
8. Time and Work
9. Speed Time and Distance
10. Mensuration
11. Algebra and Progression
12. Trigonometry
13. Geometry
14. Elementary Statistics
15. Data Interpretation

SSC MTS, SSC GD Constable, SSC CHSL, SSC Selection Post, SSC-CGL
(Tier I and II); SSC-CHSL (10+2); SSC-FCI Grade III; SSC-CPO/ SI/ASI,
Income Tax etc.

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